Good and Bad News For One Punch Man 2

One Punch Man started airing back in 2015 and ended in December 2015. It has taken fans by storm and everyone is waiting for One Punch Man Season 2. It follows the story of Saitama who wants to become a hero for fun. He’s the strongest Hero ever existed, and that is one of the reason he is so popular.

One Punch Man Season 2

The first season for this anime left on a high, and since then for over 2 years, OPM fans were eagerly anticipating a second season to the series, but it’s been 2 years, and we’ve still had no luck. But finally we have got our hands on some information for One Punch Man season 2 and most of you are not going to like it.

opm Season 2

One Punch Man Season 1 was animated by the legendary Madhouse Studios. And fans are waiting for Madhouse Studios to animate One Punch Man season 2, but we have got some bad news for One Punch Man Season 2.

one punch man season 2 release date

Madhouse won’t be animating OPM Season 2, instead J.C.Staff Studios is going to animate the anime but it’s not going to be as good as Madhouse.

opm season 2 release date

J.C.Staff Studios is mainly knows for romance anime and they are also responsible classics like SlayersRevolutionary Girl Utena, and Excel Saga. One Punch Man Season 1 was well animated in every way, let’s hope that J.C.Staff Studios won’t mess up. 

one punch man

It is being reported that S Class Hero, Bang’s disciple Garou will make an appearance in the upcoming season 2. Don’t read further if you don’t wanna get spoiled.


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According to ONE’s original comics, Garou will also break his limiter and unlock limitless power like Saitama, and he will give Saitama a good fight but in the end, Saitama will still win, of course Saitama will have to put effort in this one but not as much as you think.

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