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Overlord Novel will be ended with Volume 17

Maruyama Kugane confirmed in the 14th volume of his novel Overlord on March 12 that the series will be ended with the 17th volume. The 13th compiled book volume shipped two years ago, in April 2018, and in March this year we finally got the 14th volume, with one hell of a huge progress in […]

Summer 2018 Anime: Official Twitter Hashtags & Pages

Can you already smell the sea? Can you feel the sun on your skin? Have you already had your first slice of watermelon? Well, the only certain thing is that the summer anime season is starting! The second season of the new year gives way to Summer 2018 and we are here with our customary list with […]

Winter 2018 Anime: Official Twitter Hashtags & Pages

Nakama Store is getting ready for the festive season. Christmas means that another anime year is over and the new winter season will start the cycle all over again. This is going to be an amazing anime year with many popular series like Attack on Titan, Overlord, The Seven Deadly Sins and One-Punch Man returning for another season. The Winter […]

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