Fall 2018 Anime Official Twitter Hashtags & Pages

Today is the first the of the new season, and I already miss the summer. There is something about feeling the sun on your skin and the taste of ice-cream that makes people love the season. Yet, fall has its charms. We are steadily heading into winter and nature will start taking that gentle auburn […]

One Punch Man reveals New Cover Art

One Punch Man is gearing up for a major clash between the Hero and Monster Associations, and the manga is celebrating by highlighting more of the unseen heroes on each of its new volumes.Volume 17 of the manga is releasing in Japan, and the cover art for it features the rarely seen S-Class Rank 8 Hero, […]

New BLEACH official art of Ichigo shared in Shonen JUMP Expo

Tite Kubo’s Bleach may have ended its run some time ago (August 2016), but fans are still madly in love with the series a few years later. Tite Kubo’s responded to that love with a bit of extra Bleach goodness too, in honor of Shueisha’s big anniversary. The mangaka shared a new sketch of Ichigo for Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump exhibit […]