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Fall 2018 Anime Official Twitter Hashtags & Pages

Today is the first the of the new season, and I already miss the summer. There is something about feeling the sun on your skin and the taste of ice-cream that makes people love the season. Yet, fall has its charms. We are steadily heading into winter and nature will start taking that gentle auburn […]

Fairy Tail creator shares Super Sexy Natsu/Lucy sketch

Fairy Tail creator shares Super Sexy Natsu/Lucy sketch

Fairy Tail officially ended its run last year, but Hiro Mashima has kept the series alive with many new projects, including even a sequel that just began publication (Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest). Still, fans appreciate when he goes out of his way. Mashima shared a new sketch of Natsu and Lucy pair, and this one […]

Fairy Tail creator posted one NSFW Natsu/Lucy Comic

If you weren’t sure about Hiro Mashima’s feelings about NaLu couple, then here is some more evidence pointing towards his support. Over on Twitter, the artist posted a new comic with the couple in it, and fans are freaking out over its mildly NSFW story.As you can see below, Mashima created this comic after posting […]

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