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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Official PV

We got the first 30 Seconds Teaser or Preview of the Upcoming 2018 Movie, and what was that at the end.    The Dragon Ball fandom got rocked by the recent reveal that the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie will be titled Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and that it finally make the fan-favorite character of Broly an official […]

Mastered Ultra Instinct First Look!- Dragon Ball Super

Guys, we finally got the first official look Goku’s Ultimate Power and his new form, The Mastered Ultra Instinct. From what we saw in the preview of Episode 129, it looks like the newest form for Goku will come near the end of that Episode.  For Daily DBS Videos, Follow – THE FAN GUY Earlier we […]

DBS: The Real Reason why there is No Blood and Gore

Dragon Ball Super is really popular right now. The series is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z which ended decades ago. Dragon Ball Super was announced back in 2015 and has enjoyed quite a lot of success. It had a lot to live up to. When you have something as successful and legendary as Dragon […]

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