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Fairy Tail creator Christmas 2017 sketch

Although Fairy Tail has been over for a while, the mangaka Hiro Mashima has often treated fans of the series and its characters to lovely sketches and art depicting them in ways fans never could see in the series. Celebrating the Winter holiday, Mashima released an adorable sketch that fans are sure to love. The sketch depicts […]

Hiro Mashima shares new Natsu x Lucy sketch

One of the more pervasive ships in the Fairy Tail fandom was NaLu, or Natsu x Lucy. After seeing how close they were in the series, fans wanted to see even more of this potential relationship.It may never have been confirmed in the series canon, but its creator sure loves to draw Lucy and Natsu together in […]

Fairy Tail creator shares hot Juvia Holiday sketch

The holidays are around the corner and the creator of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, has gifted his fans with a very special sketch of a very popular character. His newest sketch depicts the often requested by fans, Juvia in a pose that would surely put her on Santa’s naughty list. The sketch sees Juvia in a tight […]

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